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Rim Straightening

Rim Straightening

Kwicksilver technicians can straighten virtually any bent car or truck rim. Whether it’s a 15″ OEM or 24″ custom rim – no wheel repair job is too small or too large. We repair steel, chrome, and aluminum rims.

Kwicksilver uses state-of-the-art straightening devices to achieve the most accurate repair possible. Each rim is first inspected with a highly sensitive dial indicator, which carefully measures the wheel to determine the exact location and severity of the bend. The bent alloy wheel is then repaired and brought back to original manufacturers’ specifications via our specialized techniques and machinery.


  1. Severity of the damage: If the rim is severely bent or structurally compromised within the spokes (hub-centric bend), it is generally recommended to replace it. However, a majority of bends occur in the barrel of the wheel and can be safely repaired by your Kwicksilver professional. 
  2. Repair cost: Today’s aluminum rims can be very expensive. Assess the cost of repairing the bent rim compared to the cost of a replacement rim. Nearly all bends can be repaired at a lower cost, but steel rims can often be replaced for the same cost as repair. 
  3. Wheel availability: Consider the availability of a replacement rim for your specific make and model of the car. If finding a suitable replacement is challenging or costly, repairing the bent rim might be a more practical option. Aftermarket rims are especially difficult to replace. Styles are often discontinued within 2-3 years. 
  4. Future durability: A properly repaired rim is as durable or strong as a new one. If a professional repair method is used, the structural integrity of the rim is not compromised. However, recurrent cracking and welding in the same location calls for a replacement rim. 


Turnaround time can be same day if an appointment and drop-off is made in the morning. Standard pricing is $150 per wheel (mount and balance included) and $175 if it requires a weld. Two welds bring the price to $200. We do not weld any more than two welds on any one rim, as a precautionary measure. In that case, we can help to find a refurbished replacement rim for you. 

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